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Looking back at 2017 and moving forward

1 Jan 2018

Even though a little late to the party, I wanted to share some of the things I did in 2017 that I’m happy with:

  • Read 14 books, a personal record. I missed my initial goal by 1, however I’m pretty happy that I haven’t obsessed over it and forced myself to complete it (which I usually tend to do). I consider missing it a success! My favorite was Fermat’s Enigma.
  • I moved to a bigger, better and more comfortable house.
  • I started learning chess and I like it a lot. We even started taking classes at work and I also study through books and whatever online material I can find.
  • I finally got my turntable (Technics SL1200 MK2) fixed and started enjoying my records again. Also got some pretty dope ones this year, which can be found on my discogs collection.
  • I started working with Go in my day job. I wanted to do this for quite some time, and I’m very happy that I pushed this forward. We shipped 3 Go services and I blogged about the first one. We’re extremely happy with the results.
  • On the open source section, we released one of our critical infrastructure pieces, rafka. On a personal level, I created a small tool that detects mixed-content issues (HTTPS) with certainty, mcdetect and a Ruby implementation of systemd’s sd_notify(3).

Even though this has been the toughest year on a personal level, I’m fairly happy with the things that happened and I’m looking forward to the next year. Some of my goals are:

  • Improve in chess. My initial goal is to reach 1500 rating in chess.com (rapid).
  • Exercise regularly. There are all sorts of benefits when exercising and all sorts of problems when not doing so. So it only seems stupid to me skipping it, even though I was always doing this.
  • Write & play music. My cousin got me all worked up when he showed me his brand new Roland analog synths. I already own a sampler (Roland SP404-SX) and I want to finally put it to use.
  • Blog more often. I neglected this blog for a long time and I almost forgot how nice it felt everytime I published something new. I want to return back to it.
  • Learn how to meditate. I neglected increasing levels of stress in the last months due to various reasons. I’ll stop doing that and I’ve heard meditation might be a good tool for dealing with it.

Happy new year!

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